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Feelbelt Helps to take your audio experience
from “basic” to “The real thing” in 0.01 second. 

Take the next step. 
Improve now.

Our body likes for all our senses to work in conjunction, but regular headphones and speakers just doesn’t cut it and provide you with an incomplete audio experience.

Feelbelt Helps you take the next step toward a more complete and real Video games, movies, VR and music experience. It does so by getting your sense of touch and hearing to work together to give you an extreme audio listening experience. 

Easy to use

Ladies and gentlemen prepare for take-off into the world of complete immersion with next generation Haptic feedback 2.0.
We have turned on the Fasten Feelbelt sign, and we would like you to remain seated to our fast journey to extreme experience land.
When Fasten Feelbelt sign is on and in case of boredom from regular audio follow the three simple step to save your life

Strap it

Feel it 

Love it

How does it work

Feelbelt uses its straight of the arc software to convert any form of audio signal into haptic feedback and transfer it straight to your body in form of vibrations using the impulse genrators.

Feelbelt’s creats an unique and precise Synchronization of audio and vibration that makes your Video games, VR, Movies or Music feel more real than ever before

What all experiences can you
take to the next level?


Feel what happens! Whether eSports or hobby gamer – use the Feelbelt to tap your full potential and feel like you are in the middle of the game.
React faster and have an advantage with Feelbelt in the game..


Feelbelt closes the gap between reality and virtuality.
Feel Beat Saber or connect Feelbelt, for example, with Playsation VR (PS VR), Oculus and enjoy the VR World.


Why only hear when you can also feel?
If you only hear, you are not using the full potential of music.
The Feelbelt brings your concert home or to any other place in the world.


Who cannot hear, wants to feel!
Feelbelt lets hearing impaired, and deaf people experience the sound of multimedia content.
But we go even further and back up our vision with neuroscientific studies.

What do people think about it?


of users

Find the emotional aspect of the Feelbelt extraordanary or incredeble 


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Say that the feeling gets under the skin with the feelbelt 


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Can imagen Feelbelt as a standard gadget 

Expert's opinion


VR Scout

"Combined with the haptics in your controller, the Feelbelt promises a cavernous and even more emotional VR experience that appeals to all physical senses."


"With the Feelbelt, the games industry will soon be enriched by an innovation".


"I feel a little more in the thick of it and that's pretty cool."

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